GYD Trading Sdn Bhd (1064084-X) is an established one-stop lighting supplier company in Malaysia. We specialize in all kind of LED lighting products & design. We mainly engage in wholesale & retails of all types of modern, crystal and European style lamp.

Our products consist of full-range lighting products, including Chandelier, pendant lights, LED ceiling lights, wall light, floor lamp, table & stand lamp, outdoor lamp, bulb lighting as well as LED downlights and fluorescent lighting. With more than 20 years of experience, GYD Trading is the lighting shop in Kuala Lumpur with many other beautiful types of lighting with reasonable pricing.

We emphasize on energy saving concepts with experienced electrical light fittings personnel who has facilitated project development with desired results/track record, ability to move into any new segment with speed, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

If you need help on design an appropriate style or LED lighting model with suitable brightness for your home or office, you are welcomed to consult with our designer team. We do help our customers with the on-site installation. We also support project based (Electrical Engineering, Plaster Ceiling, Interior Decoration, Interior Design, Renovation, Kitchen Cabinet / Furniture) and we do provide excellent service and support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Why choose us ?

High Efficiency LED Light

You can save electricity by using our LED lights, led downlights and thereby lead to a dramatic decrease in power costs. Money and energy can also be spared in to the long LED light bulbs lifespan.

Longevity in LED Light

The longer lifespan of the LED light bulbs will dramatically reduce maintenance costs and decrease long-term operating costs.

Environment Friendly LED Light

Our LED lights, LED ceiling lights and pendant lights that we provide is environmental friendly and do not pose any danger to the environment. LED Light Malaysia expert !

For any enquiries, please contact our sales team at or do visit us at for more information.